Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bye Bye Birdie Meme

Revsongbird writes

"I caught up on a Fresh Air podcast from last week and heard the exciting news. The Roundabout Theatre Company is staging the first ever Broadway Revival of Bye Bye Birdie!!!

If you're anywhere close to my age, you've seen it and maybe even been *in* it, so please chime in via the comments and tell us:

1) When you first saw Bye Bye Birdie and where;

Although our school system had outstanding music and speech departments, we did not have a drama program. As as result, I did not see a live production of Bye Bye Birdie until our sons' high school performed it last Spring.

2) If you performed in it, who you played; and

I didn't ever get to perform in it, but our son Music Man snagged and nailed the lead role of Albert Peterson! The Captain and I sat in the darkened theater with tears in our eyes as we watched him singing and dancing. "Is this really our son?!? WOW!"

3) What's your favorite song?

It's got to be "Put On a Happy Face."